Niagara Falls Hot Tub


Niagara Falls Hot Tub

Product Description

The Niagara hot tub incorporates high-quality insulation suited for the coldest of climates. This ultra-deep, 39in spa would suit even the tallest individual, and accommodates the largest of families with its multilevel 7-seat configuration. This large spa features two powerful 5 horsepower pumps, allowing users to receive the ultimate hydro-massage. An internal step helps facilitate entry and exit from the spa, and 48 hurricane hydrotherapy jets provide an intense massage experience with an additional 12 air jets. All 60 jets can be easily adjusted to ensure everyone gets the pressure they need. The Niagara is equipped with our perimeter multi-coloured LED lighting system, built-in aromatherapy canister, soft cascading waterfall, and digital audio sound system with backlit pop-up speakers. An ozone water purification system and 100 sq. ft. of Microban Glacier filtration keep your spa water crystal clear without any hassle.

The Niagara hot tub incorporate a unique pressure point system, which delivers soothing water to specific points on the body. If your problem area is in the hard to reach neck or shoulder region, many of our spas have a unique moulded neck support with recessed neck jets, which create a truly invigorating experience. Additionally, the Niagara hot tub, various types of jets allow you to massage different muscles with different water pressure. Air controls mean you can adjust the jets – from a soft gentle massage to a vigorous work out.


Multi Level Seating with internal Step

Equipped with digital MP3 audio sound system with pop-up LED speakers

Perimeter multi-coloured LED mood lighting, cascading waterfall, and built-in aromatherapy canister

100ft² of filtration along with an included ozone generator to keep your water clean without hassle

Insulation includes high-density closed cell foam that surrounds the shell, and an infrared-lined insulated cabinet that traps the heat inside the spa

The Niagara hot tub comes with a 5″/3″ hard top cover, Microban filters


Seats 5 Hydro Massage Seats + 1 No Float Lounge
Water Capacity 1465 litres (322 Gall. / 387 US Gall.)
Power Requires 220V 60 Hz 60 Amp GFCI breaker (not included)Requires 230 V/25 Amp RCD breaker (not included)
Size 232 x 239 x 122 cm90 x 90 x 39 in
Jets 60 Jets
Weight 1920 kg / 4233 lbs (wet)480 kg / 1058 lbs (dry)


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