Kingston SE Hot Tub


Kingston SE Hot Tub

Product Description

Enjoy the benefits of true luxury our manufacturer’s newest spa addition, the Kingston SE. This large, family-friendly spa is equipped with all of the high-end features that will guarantee that you and your guests have a great experience. LED mood lighting will help create a relaxing ambiance while you play the music of your choice through the spa’s Bluetooth audio system.

Pop a scent into the tub’s aromatherapy canister, and sit back and relax to the soothing sound of water pouring out of four waterfalls. Two 5 horsepower, 2 speed pumps accommodate 4 different speed control configurations while four air control valves help to ensure that everyone sitting in the hot tub is satisfied with their jet pressure.

All 55 jets are adjustable guaranteeing that every user will leave the spa satisfied. Our 9-step water purification system incorporates Ozone sanitization and 100 square feet of Microban SilverStream filtration to help ensure crystal clear water.


Jets 55 Jets
Seats 6 Hydro Massage Seats
Size 240 x 216 x 87cm / 94 x 85 x 34 inches
Water Capacity 1250 litres / 330 US Gal.
Weight 1588 kg / 3500 lbs (wet)338 kg / 745 lbs (dry)


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